The most humane thing we can do right now is self isolate to keep from getting COVID-19 and to keep from spreading the virus before we develop symptoms. At this point, our self-isolation should be regardless of whether or not we have been or know someone who has been to China recently. That’s what the #flattenthecurve posts are about. While we know it’s good to self-isolate, self-isolating can be very hard on our spirits, minds, and bodies.

Here are some things that you can do during isolation to purify your mind, body, and spirit. Stay focused on your goals! Don’t let the obstacles distract you. This will blow over and you will get through this if you make good choices.

1. Cope with Isolation, Anxiety & Fear

First things first, you have to get control of any fears you have about this virus and being separated from society. Do the work, protect your family, and have complete faith that God has a plan and a will for your life. Don’t be afraid. God is with us. Every time you think a bad thought or get overwhelmed with thoughts about your bills, start praying for a cure and a vaccine.

2. Get Better at Your Craft & Technology

Take this time to study your craft online. Take a class. Get that certification you have always wanted to get. Get better at using your cellphone. Practice taking pictures. Learn how to use your remote. Learn how to use Facetime and two-way video chat. Being able to call your loved ones on video chat can be a huge boost to their morale. It is worth your time and your whole life will benefit from you being better at your craft and technology.

3. Learn Something New

Expand your mind and learn something new. With just a few words in the search bar on Google or YouTube, you can find the answer to anything you have wanted to know and everything you have wanted to learn how to do. Maybe you have wanted to learn more about the trees that grow in the area? Maybe you want to explore a City via Google Earth? You will be amazed at what you will find.

4. Post That Content You Said You’d Post, But Never Did

You know you have a video you recorded, pictures you took, and articles that are in drafts. Get them posted. If you are sharing on your social sites, be sure you think about your messages and what people are thinking right now.  If you appear to be insensitive (or ignore the virus completely), it could have negative outcomes for you so be smart. If you need to keep ad dollars low, post more.

5. Draw a Vision Board

If you are over your job or were let go recently due to the pandemic, this is the perfect time to think about your life and what’s next. Draw a vision board that starts from the day you were born and goes to today. Mark key dates in your life that have meaning to you and include the skills you gained and your accomplishments along the way. Once you have everything in one place you will be able to see some common themes and also things you love to do. If you focus your career and life goals around these things, you will be successful. It is what you know and what God has prepared you to do.

Be well my friends,