The Coronavirus is a hot topic of conversation, so I wanted to follow-up on my article from last week with more information about some of the more interesting things like where the Coronavirus really came from and what will happen to our supply chain if this pandemic continues the way it’s headed.

Could the Outbreak be Tied to a Chemical Accident?

Around the same time that the Coronavirus outbreak occurred, the Department of Justice announced that a Harvard Professor and two Chinese nationals were being charged with aiding the People’s Republic of China. The Professor, Dr. Charles Leiber, was given a $15M grant to establish a research facility in Wuhan. The two Chinese nationals, Yanqing Ye and Zaosong Zheng, were arrested for sending information back to China, and Zheng was also arrested for smuggling test tubes back to China. Their intent was to publish the research findings in China to gain credit for it before America could get credit for it. Zheng was literally caught with test tubes in his suitcase. (You can be book smart with zero common sense.) The test tubes included animal DNA used in their research to cure diseases like Cancer. Coronaviruses are passed from mammal to mammal. They were arrested back on December 10, 2019.

Here is a link to the announcement from the DOJ, so you can draw your own conclusions:


What will Happen with Our Medications & Manufacturing Supply Chains?

Just last September, NBC News reported that our government was worried about how much outsourcing we were doing in the pharmaceutical industry. As the pandemic continues, our supply for medications and manufactured goods that we depend on to live and fight diseases will begin to deplete, but there’s good news. The supply chain can shift to India to other areas that dominate global pharmaceutical manufacturing like Japan, Germany, France, and UK, pending, of course, their abilities to keep the disease from spreading in their countries. This pandemic is another indicator that it truly is time for America to bring manufacturing back to the States.

Here are my sources so you can read it for yourself: