If you’re facing collection actions from the IRS or State tax agencies, there are several companies that you may consider hiring to help resolve your tax debt issues. Whether you are an individual or a business, your tax situation is unique to you, with different financial circumstances, and different goals related to your tax audit or tax debt. It is vital for the financial freedom of your family to select a company to handle your case from the minute you start working with whatever company you choose.

When researching Tax Relief Companies in America, J David Tax Law and Optima Tax Relief are at the top of the search engine page results, however, these two companies are very different.

The following article is designed to provide a side by side comparison look at how your case will be handled if you hired J David Tax Law or Optima Tax Relief.   

The J David Tax Law Process  
J David Tax Law utilizes a 4-step process to ensure its clients’ cases are handled in the quickest amount of time. J David prides itself on delivering effective and affordable tax representation for everyone. They will keep their clients informed throughout the process.  
The Optima Tax Relief Process
Optima Tax Relief also utilizes a 4-step process, however, when you Google “optima tax relief” you will notice numerous reviews where customers say their case never made it to the resolution phase. There is a rush to sign up and pay to only have months go by without any resolution or update.
One Point of Contact from Client to Close
When working with J David Tax Law, from start to finish, an experienced tax attorney is assigned to work directly with you and answer your complex tax questions. They have 22 tax attorneys on staff and their team is continually expanding to support the needs of their clients. They are headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, and they have satellite offices in Orlando, FL and throughout the United States.  
Various Points of Contact
Optima Tax Relief has an army of customer service representatives that serve as case managers with no professional certification required and do not legally have the ability to speak with the IRS on your behalf. These are the people that will communicate with you on a daily basis. When you Google “optima tax relief” you will see various customers state their case was passed from person to person and numerous customers state the files they submitted were lost and they had to resubmit their paperwork.  
Customer Satisfaction is Top Priority  
J David Tax Law features customer reviews right on their website and encourages everyone to Google “J David Tax Law” so they can see how pleased their customers are with their services.
BBB – A+
Consumer Affairs – 5.0
Lawyers.com – 4.8 out of 5 Martindale.com – 4.7 out of 10  

J David has also received numerous client satisfaction awards including:

2019 Ultimate Attorney – Tax Law Jacksonville Business Journal

2019 Best Tax Law Firm Folio Weekly  
Customers Are Second to Services   Optima features customer testimonials on their website, however, we encourage you to Google “optima tax relief” to see what people say about their services and the validity of the reviews. Numerous clients state that Optima was in a rush to get them to sign-up and pay, however, very little was done to resolve their tax debt. Furthermore, numerous clients paid thousands with no resolution or positive case outcomes.  

Consumer Affairs – No rating
Lawyers.com – No listed Martindale.com – No listed  

The Conclusion: Hire J David Tax Law for Your Tax Debt Issues

J David Tax Law was founded to provide effective and affordable tax representation to people being aggressively pursued by State tax agencies and the IRS. Their firm is nationally recognized for its commitment to excellence and client service. They excel at taking exceptional care of their clients and their cases so they can peacefully get on with their lives. They have achieved thousands of successful outcomes for their clients.

Learn more @ JDavidTaxLaw.com

Optima Tax Relief Reviews


25 reviews

a week ago-

Not an amazing experience and not the worst experience ever. They claim to prevent garnishments however I was garnished for 8 weeks straights at 251 dollars each week. This was months after I had already started with Optima.

I uploaded the garnishment order to the client portal, and they said nothing could be done. Then when I couldn’t make a 521 dollar payment to them I told them it was because I was being garnished so heavily. They claimed if I submitted proof of the garnishment they would continue the case. Why do I have to submit the proof again when I already did in the client portal?

Ultimately I filed bankruptcy and got my taxes in order on my own. It got to the point where I needed to just cut my losses and discontinue with Optima. Filing BK will NOT get rid of your recent taxes. Please note I am not suggesting it will. However, my attorney was able to get taxes that were OVER 3 YEARS OLD removed. This totaled almost 7000 dollars removed from bankruptcy. The rest of the taxes I had to come to an agreement and I am making monthly payments. Now here is what angers me, if I wasn’t dragged along so long, the garnishment that I was getting hit with every week would have been discharged and I would not have had to deal with this. Optima will not tell you this because they cannot represent you if you file for bankruptcy. So I lost out quite a bit. Certain back taxes, despite what people say, can be discharged. Just ask a reputable tax attorney.

Disappointed overall as I spent around 3000 dollars on this service. My attorney for my BK case said I was nuts to go with Optima. I should have listened.

Henry Atowo

3 reviews

3 days ago-

Very bad and misleading service. They collected over $2000.00 from me without any result based on what they claimed to offer. Instead of reducing my taxes , I ended up accumulating a lot of interest and fees .Called their office several times to no avail. Finally got a whole of someone and she offered to refund $150.00 of which I refused. The question is , if they were right and doing the right thing why would they try to refund $150.00 out of over $2000.00 collected?

I will definitely notify the better business bureau and IRS about this scam. I think they should let people know upfront if they can handle the case before charging a whole bunch of fees . Took them over two years to let me know I was not qualified for anything after charging me over $2000.Very misleading. Big scam , don’t waste your money . I don’t recommend this service to anyone. They don’t represent what they preach. I will do what ever it takes to get my refund.

mary hawk

1 review

3 weeks ago-

Such a scam. We paid over $5k for them to lose multiple sensitive information (social security cards, employee information, etc) because they can’t seem to hire adequate people. Our case switched departments several times (this is fine and understandable) but switched to new people multiple times in that department and information never being transferred. We were told it’s all on one file so why am I sending the same documents 5 times?! I had to re-send the information documents/ emails to the new person that were sent to the old person with the information 4-5 months prior! Two years of “we are working on it” and being reassured, multiple submissions of lost information, and numerous times of them calling and my husband or I calling back with zero response. They then claim no one called them back. We settled with the IRS ourselves once learning this is a scam. They even performed scare tactics at the beginning claiming the next step IRS would take against us would be looking at jail time. The IRS does NOT put you in jail for past due taxes. We are now fighting with them on a refund and again (surprise surprise) are struggling to get in touch with people when they promised to be in touch after my husband was able to reach someone yesterday.

Ryan Rife

Local Guide· 28 reviews · 10 photos

a week ago-

Called for over 8 months, paid 6k to them and once they had my money it was silence.

I’m very suspicious of these reviews…also after multiple email attempts I’ve gotten nothing back.

They sent in bad tax docs to the IRS and didnt do a proper transcript discovery and as a result we have to do amendments to the filings and its costing us 4k a month in fees.

Today I’ve been on the phone trying to reach someone for over four hours. I’ve tried calling all numbers I can find as well.

Darin Wilson

Local Guide· 46 reviews · 6 photos

a week ago-

It’s been over a year and still no resolution yet? I call Optima at least 3 times a week and do not get any kind of answers.I really feel like they got our money and they do not care.

Sources: The information listed above was taken directly from J David Tax Law and Optima Tax Relief’s websites and from online reviews posted on or before 9/27/19.

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